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Pathstone Group help businesses with their data analysis and combine it with graphical, statistical, and modeling tools for organizing and manage the decision-making process.

The availability of advanced software systems has made the collection and analysis of data easier than ever. Questions now center on how to best leverage that data or even what to analyze in the first place.

Merging continuous process improvement with the power of advanced data analytics offers organizations a chance to improve operations, whether it’s a retailer looking to optimize a digital marketing campaign or a manufacturer that wants higher yield rates and better quality on the shop floor.

process simulation

Test before you invest with a discrete event simulation tool, a "Process Playground"  in where we turn design thinking into design doing without fear of failure.


With process simulation, we create a "digital twin" of a process and virtually prototype new process designs concepts.

With the assistance of simulation we help businesses to identify problems in the design phase when they can be avoided at little cost, rather than finding problems after launch when they are much more expensive and painful.


Fine tune parameters can save costly mistakes before committing further resources.

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