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A day in the life of a factory 


Managers are too busy solving the daily challenges so they have to prioritize urgent matters using a trial-and-error approach to resolve as quickly as possible. With experience and a little luck the problem is solved to tackle the next issue. Sounds familiar?


To solve a problem aiming for the best decision, we need to analyze information in depth and implement team solutions within a cooperative environment. We use Lean Six Sigma methodologies to take solid decisions in the face of operational problems with the support of analysis and simulation software to optimize improvements and data technology to maintain and control those improvements.

However, the work does not end here. To ensure that an improvement can last, management need to help its operators, supervisors and front line managers with desire to improve, and often they often don't know how approach the integration.


We use Lego Serious Play, a scientific methodology to enhance team creativity, innovation and integration. Also we use a unique hands-on process improvement training for your staff to ignite cultural change for your business. 

We are unique at this approach, we focus in the process transformation and the people involved, only both working in synchrony can achieve a permanent transformation to become a world-class company.


Improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation

Discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making

Innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance

Affordable real-time data analysis technology to improve performance

Practical and useful Lean Six Sigma methodologies  for your world-class teams

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