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six sigma

Pathstone Group provides improvement consultancy and training services. We use Six Sigma as one of our key methodologies to help organizations improve performance.


The Six Sigma  methodologies are the most effective way to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce costs.


Six Sigma focuses in depth on a business problem, using data and statistical tools systematically to uncover root causes, improve processes and install sustainable solutions. It is regarded as a business philosophy that enables organizations to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and retention.

Increasingly, organizations are seeing the benefits of combining the tools of the Six Sigma methodology with Lean tools to solve business issues where improvements in both defect reduction and waste reduction are required.


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Anaya Analytic provides business improvement consultancy and training, using Lean as one of the key methodologies to help organizations improve performance.

"Lean" encompasses both a philosophy and a series of tools and techniques designed to identify and eliminate waste from business processes in order to create more value for customers using ever fewer resources. A Lean organization works towards being able to respond easily to changing demand and the ever increasing requirement for high variety, high quality, low cost, and rapid throughput times.

The focus of Lean is to eliminate waste along entire value streams, instead of at isolated points, to create processes which require less space, less capital, less time and less effort to make products and services at lower costs and with far fewer defects, compared with traditional business approaches. 

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