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Quality Engineering is typically reflected on the factory floor through the application of the Quality Management Systems (QMS). A QMS is a formalized system that document processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives.


PSG can engage seamlessly with the business QMS to support quality implementations and direct the organization’s activities to meet Customer and Regulatory requirements.


Through the effective use of Quality Engineering methods and tools during the product conception, development and implementation processes, organizations can ensure that the Voice of the Customer is heard and integrated into the product design,


Quality Engineering tools and techniques can have a huge impact on product cost, quality and the organization’s bottom line.

PSG ensures that quality is designed and built into the product, and waste is identified and eliminated in the manufacturing processes.

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  • Corrective Action Preventive Action

  • Risk Management

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  • Statistical Process Control

  • Standardized Work

  • Process Qualification and Validation

"Where there is No Standard there can be No Improvement"

Taiichi Ohno, Toyota Motor Company engineer.


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