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Checking the Temperature


We showcase Business Excellence by providing World Class Training Programs for professionals at different levels of experience in Manufacturing and Service Industry.

Our Hands-On Programs bring tangible results. Every training program incorporates the development of a real company project by the participants. At the end of the program, they will propose a roust solution and the implementation plan.

We bring Engagement with the proven learning method Tell-Show-Let and Serious Play.


Also, we use a combination of real-life applicable tools, learning hubs and fun applications to maximize the learning curve for all the participants.

Add Value to your Career and your Teams with
Our World-Class Instruction Hands-On Programs

Lean strategy management

Lean Management Strategies for Managers and Directors.

Lean Strategies and Methods to Continuously Seek out for Operational Waste and Eliminate it out of the Processes.

Supervisors Problem Solving.jpg

Stop the Firefighting. Problem Solving and Systems Thinking for Mangers and Supervisors.

World-Class Problem Solving Methods to find and Eliminate Root Causes and Implement Robust Solutions.

Lean Champions problem solving.jpg

Build your SWAT Team.
Focused Excellence for Supervisors and Team Leaders.

Our Most Valuable Training Program. Hands-On Lean Methods and Real Life Applications.

Empower Growth
with Self-Paced Instruction

Student in Library

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play

than you can from a lifetime of conversation”

Plato, Ancient Greek Philosopher


Let's Work Together

Bring PathStone Group to support your Business Excellence journey in your Organization

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