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Lean Leader

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About the Program

OVERVIEW Companies need results, we provide them with solid tools and methodologies that work, hands-on applications, no jargon, no useless theories. This is our most comprehensive workshop. Participants will learn and practice the most powerful process improvement and problem solving methodologies, real hands-on training. Attendees will be able to identify problems, examine data, and design solutions that cut costs and increase quality. In addition, the design and tools given will get the attendees ready to handle real projects that demand teamwork and leadership for improvement efforts in their areas of expertise. THE OBJECTIVES 1. Learn and understand the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. 2. Become world-class problem solver applying the right tools to analyze, measure and take robust data-driven decisions. 3. Frame the problem or improvement opportunity in your field, apply the suitable methodologies, sell the solution to the shareholders and calculate the projected savings. THE VALUE > Seven Serious Play activities to understand and solidify the methodologies. > Three hands-on activities for the shop/service floor to enrich the learning of the different concepts. > Fifteen customized worksheets and templates to facilitate and apply effortlessly the problem analysis. UPON COMPLETION, RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT when you purchase "FOCUSED EXCELLENCE" your Practical Tool Book for Business Competitiveness and Lean Transformation.



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