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Lean Strategist

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About the Program

OVERVIEW Now more than ever, companies require a long-term strategy and operational excellence. We are highly committed to the development of your managers and directors by assisting your firm with this solid hands-on real-life and lean strategy manufacturing workshop. This workshop will provide participants with hands-on instruction for Continuous Improvement in Lean Manufacturing that can help to reduce costs, lead time and work-in-progress. This workshop will empower attendees to recognize opportunities for improvement from the business strategic point of view, as well as teach them how to select the appropriate methodologies. The methodologies described have been proven to be crucial to survive in the actual increasingly competitive global markets. THE OBJECTIVES 1. Align company business plan with a robust Lean Strategy for competitiveness. 2. Understand the Principles of Lean and Operational Excellence. 3. Learn Metrics to predict performance and drive results. 4. Learn and apply the most valuable data-driven problem-solving methods to stop the firefighting. 5. Become a driver of culture of change and Business Excellence. THE VALUE Six Hands-on applications on the shop floor with money saving objectives in mind. Three Serious Play activities to understand and solidify the methodologies. Four real-world success stories to enrich the learning of Lean and Business Excellence. Eight customized worksheets and templates to facilitate and apply effortlessly the lean tools. UPON COMPLETION, RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT when you purchase "FOCUSED EXCELLENCE", your Practical Tool Book for Business Competitiveness and Lean Transformation.



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