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Problem-Solving for Continuous Improvement

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About the Program

OVERVIEW Creative problem-solving methods are designed to help a team through a process of identifying challenges, ideating on possible solutions, and evaluating the most suitable. The goal is to make data-driven decisions and take action while avoiding common decision biases. During this workshop, attendees will acquire the capability of recognizing continuous improvement opportunities, framing a problem, applying hands-on tools to analyze and propose solution alternatives. Also, the attendees will understand the different biases that may block the creative thinking individually and in a group. Finding effective solutions to complex problems is difficult, but by using the right techniques, methods, games and creativity exercises can help the team be more efficient in solving daily challenges and more complex problems. THE OBJECTIVES 1. Understand the Problem Solving methodologies. 2. Make better decision on the basis of data and bias awareness. 3. Identify the root cause of problems and implement robust control. THE VALUE Three Hands-on applications on the shop floor with money saving objectives in mind. Six Serious Play activities to understand and solidify the methodologies. Three real-world success stories to enrich the learning of Problem-Solving framework. Four customized worksheets and templates to facilitate and apply effortlessly the problem analysis. UPON COMPLETION, RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT when you purchase "FOCUSED EXCELLENCE" your Practical Tool Book for Business Competitiveness and Lean Transformation.



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