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The Expert's Blindness Syndrome

Workshop blindness occurs when something is so normal and everyday in the environment that we easily lose sight of the opportunities and risks that are present at all times.

The arrogance of knowledge, the mastery of an activity or the excess of experience are elements that make it up, but so is everyday life. It occurs at the moment when analytical rigor is lost. We are so used to the status quo that we would rather turn the obstacle than get it out of the way. The usual is not always the best way to do things; however, inertia is difficult to combat.

It is common for new employees, who are being trained to fill a position, see areas for improvement and even dare to suggest changes and they are dismissed. To the sound of: "This is how things are done here and the end of the discussion", the momentum to improve is lost. It is very common that errors or vices in procedures are repeated over and over again, that they originate extraordinary costs or that more time or unnecessary materials are used, because that is the way things are, and when someone questions the forms, it is discovered that the lack of analysis led to losses that could be avoided.

That is why an outside opinion is always valuable. Those who observe from the outside have the ability to express their opinions in a fresh way, without ties or false commitments, they have no obligation to look after interests or to look good, so they can take their vision to unthinkable and unthinkable horizons that are difficult for people to consider. that are inside.

Innovative minds don't think alike; they dare to step out of the box and see things from another perspective. To combat shop blindness it takes a bit of humility to test the effects of creativity.

Leader in operational excellence must carry humility and a great dose of creativity. They must not move in automatic, be attentive and mindful of the operational environment.

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