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A Practical Tool Book For Business Competitiveness and Lean Transformation

Here, you can find the templates and worksheets that are referenced within the book.

 The Business Assessment Tools and our unique Hands-On Workshops are available exclusively through PathStone Group.

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Over 30 Business Excellence Topics

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TOPIC: Poka Yoke ... Page 231

LEARNING HUB: Poka Yoke Animal Farm ... Page 233

SMART MIND: Poka Yoke (Mistake Proof) ... Page 234

HANDS ON: Poka Yoke Process Walk ... Page 235

SUCCESS STORY: Mistake Proof in the Factory ... Page 235

TOPIC: Cause and Effect Diagram ... Page 237

SUCCESS STORY: Cause and Effect analysis applications ... Page 240

LEARNING HUB: Cause and Effect ... Page 241

SMART MIND: Cause and Effect Diagram ... Page 243

TOOLBOX: Cause and Effect Worksheet ... Page 244

TOPIC: Pareto Diagram ... Page 244

LEARNING HUB: The Buggy Factory ... Page 247

HANDS ON: A Gemba Walk ... Page 248

SUCCESS STORY: Downtime and the Vital Few ... Page 250

SUCCESS STORY: Pareto Principle in the food industry ... Page 251

SMART MIND: Pareto Diagram ... Page 253

TOOLBOX: Pareto Analysis Template ... Page 255

TOPIC: Frequency Chart and Histogram ... Page 255

LEARNING HUB: Defective bricks production histogram ... Page 258

SMART MIND: Histogram ... Page 259

TOOLBOX: Histogram Template ... Page 260

TOPIC: Calculating Variation (Deviations) ... Page 261

SUCCESS STORY: Lean Six Sigma Application in Welding Defects ... Page 263

TOOLBOX: Descriptive Statistics Template ... Page 263

TOPIC: Capability and Process Performance ... Page 264

LEARNING HUB: Understanding Process Capability ... Page 267

TOOLBOX: Process Capability Template ... Page 268

SUCCESS STORY: Process Capability in the Automotive Industry ... Page 270

SMART MIND: Process Capability ... Page 272

TOPIC: FEMEA ... Page 273

TOOLBOX: FEMEA Template ... Page 274

LEARNING HUB: FMEA Coffee Shop ... Page 275

SUCCESS STORY: FMEA in Manufacturer Supply Chain ... Page 275

SUCCESS STORY: FMEA in Health Care ... Page 278

SMART MIND: FMEA ... Page 280

TOPIC: SPC ... Page 282

LEARNING HUB: Lego Defect Process Control ... Page 285

TOOLBOX: Control Chart Template ... Page 288

NOW WATCH: SPC in Action ... Page 289

SUCCESS STORY: Process Control using SPC in food production ... Page 289

HANDS ON: SPC at the Production Line ... Page 290

SMART MIND: SPC... Page 290

Data analysis and Control Chart decision guideline ... Page 291


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