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Here, you can find the templates and worksheets that are referenced within the book Focused Excellence: A Practical Tool Book for Business competitiveness and Lean Transformation.

The business assessment tools and our unique hands-on workshops are available exclusively through PathStone Group. 



TOPIC: Process Design ... Page 185

SUCCESS STORY: Implementing Lean Manufacturing High mix Production

... Page 189

SUCCESS STORY: Different Machine Layouts in Sewing Line ... Page 191

TOPIC: Pull Systems ... Page 192

LEARNING HUB: Lego Kanban ... Page 193

SUCCESS STORY: Implementation of Kanban for production materials ... Page 196

NOW WATCH: 5S and Kanban in Hospitals ... Page 199

HANDS ON: Kanban Process Walk ... Page 200

TOOLBOX: Kanban Calculator and Worksheet ... Page 205

SMART MIND: Pull Systems ... Page 208

TOPIC: Standard Work ... Page 208

NOW WATCH: Factory Standard Work ... Page 210

SUCCESS STORY: Standard Work in Assembly to Order workstations ... Page 211

LEARNING HUB: What a Block! ... Page 212

TOOLBOX: SWI Template ... Page 212

TOOLBOX: Work Sequence and Time Sheet ... Page 213

SUCCESS STORY: An application of the Lean Production tool Standard Work
... Page 214

SUCCESS STORY: Standard Work at the factory ... Page 216

HANDS ON: Standard Work a at the production floor ... Page 218

SMART MIND: Standard Work ... Page 218

TOPIC: Line Balancing ... Page 219

NOW WATCH: Line balancing at one-piece flow ... Page 221

SUCCESS STORY: Line balancing in assembly operations ... Page 223

HANDS ON: The 8 wastes related to Line Balancing ... Page 224

NOW WATCH: Balanced Process Design ... Page 224

LEARNING HUB: Pizzeria Fifi ... Page 226

SMART MIND: Line Balancing ... Page 226

TOOLBOX: Line Balancing Workbook (Yamazumi chart) NEW ... Page 230


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