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A Practical Tool Book For Business Competitiveness and Lean Transformation

Here, you can find the templates and worksheets that are referenced within the book.

 The Business Assessment Tools and our unique Hands-On Workshops are available exclusively through PathStone Group.

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Over 30 Business Excellence Topics

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TOPIC: Process Design ... Page 185

SUCCESS STORY: Implementing Lean Manufacturing High mix Production

... Page 189

SUCCESS STORY: Different Machine Layouts in Sewing Line ... Page 191

TOPIC: Pull Systems ... Page 192

LEARNING HUB: Lego Kanban ... Page 193

SUCCESS STORY: Implementation of Kanban for production materials ... Page 196

NOW WATCH: 5S and Kanban in Hospitals ... Page 199

HANDS ON: Kanban Process Walk ... Page 200

TOOLBOX: Kanban Calculator and Worksheet ... Page 205

SMART MIND: Pull Systems ... Page 208

TOPIC: Standard Work ... Page 208

NOW WATCH: Factory Standard Work ... Page 210

SUCCESS STORY: Standard Work in Assembly to Order workstations ... Page 211

LEARNING HUB: What a Block! ... Page 212

TOOLBOX: SWI Template ... Page 212

TOOLBOX: Work Sequence and Time Sheet ... Page 213

SUCCESS STORY: An application of the Lean Production tool Standard Work
... Page 214

SUCCESS STORY: Standard Work at the factory ... Page 216

HANDS ON: Standard Work a at the production floor ... Page 218

SMART MIND: Standard Work ... Page 218

TOPIC: Line Balancing ... Page 219

NOW WATCH: Line balancing at one-piece flow ... Page 221

SUCCESS STORY: Line balancing in assembly operations ... Page 223

HANDS ON: The 8 wastes related to Line Balancing ... Page 224

NOW WATCH: Balanced Process Design ... Page 224

LEARNING HUB: Pizzeria Fifi ... Page 226

SMART MIND: Line Balancing ... Page 226

TOOLBOX: Line Balancing Workbook (Yamazumi chart) NEW ... Page 230


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